E40 lamp holders
Edison Screw Lamp Holders

E40 Porcelain lamp Holder suppliers & manufacturers (China factory)

  E40 Porcelain lamp Holder for LED HID LAMPS: Model NO: E40-YM110/N Type: E40 screw Electric current: 4A-16A  660W Voltage: 110V-750V 5KV T230 Dimension(cm): 6.8 x 5.5 x 5.5 Weight (Kg): 0.20 Cable chooses: silica, braided, Teflon. Available wire: 0.75mm2; 0.5mm2. Body material: Porcelain/ceramic; body can be matt or glazed. Screw shell: Aluminum plated copper, Copper/brass. Contractor: Iron plated copper, Copp
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led socket adapter

LED Socket Halogen Lamp Holders Adapters (NEW)

    LED sockets adapter halogen lamp holder: LED Socket adapters enable light bulbs to be fitted to lamps or other light fixtures that are built with sockets of varying sizes. These adapters essentially work as interim sockets that, once screwed into a fixture’s own socket, allow for such fixtures to use either larger or smaller light bulbs than what they have been built to hold. After the specific lamp has
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