E12 Sockets Table Base Ceramic Wall Lamp Holder

E12 bulb Sockets


E12 Sockets Table Base Ceramic Wall Lamp Holder:

Candelabra E12 bulb Sockets
– 120 Volt.
– 75 watt.
– Made for use with E12 base lamps.
Candelabra E12 Sockets work for any number of fixtures that use E12 Sockets. Although incandescent would-be common use, there are many places where these can be used. There are many creative ways to incorporate these into fixtures or new lighting designs.

Porcelain E12 Sockets
Material: copper/iron/aluminum
E12 porcelain lamp holder
Material: copper/iron/aluminum
1) Porcelain lamp holder E12, lamp base
2) CE, UL
3) Cheap price with good quality
4) Fittings: copper, aluminum, iron or zinc alloy.

Candelabra ceramic bulb socket


E12 Sockets Candelabra (US), 12mm diameter, typically found on night light bulbs, chandelier bulbs,
The metal screw itself forms one of the contacts for the circuit. If the lighting system is not correctly wired, or a lamp is plugged into a non-polarized outlet, the metal screw can become energized, presenting an electric shock hazard to anyone attempting to change the lamp.


E12 Sockets Table Base Ceramic Wall Lamp Holder:

Metal material: aluminum/aluminum plated brass
screw shell iron plated zinc/iron plated nickel
copper/copper plated nickel
center contact iron plated red copper
terminals: zinc alloy, copper/brass
Surface: glazed or no-glazed
Rating: 125V, 2A
Cables: 0.75 mm2 and 1.0 mm2 silicone or braided
OEM & ODM: accepted.
MOQ: 5000pcs.


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E12 bulb sockets are a type of light bulb socket that is commonly used for small bulbs, such as those found in chandeliers and nightlights. The “E” in E12 stands for Edison, which is the standard for screw-in light bulbs. The “12” refers to the diameter of the base of the bulb, which is 12 millimeters.



Voltage: E12 sockets are rated for use with 120V or 240V electrical systems.
Wattage: The maximum wattage for an E12 socket is typically around 40 watts.
Base: The base of an E12 bulb has a threaded metal screw that fits into the socket.

Candelabra ceramic bulb sockets China supplier


E12 bulb sockets are commonly used in a variety of applications, including chandeliers, ceiling fans, pendant lights, and nightlights. The socket are typically found in decorative lighting fixtures that require small, compact bulbs.

E12 sockets are designed to provide a secure connection between the bulb and the electrical system, ensuring that the bulb remains in place and receives power without any issues.


    Date: August 07, 2016