Multiple Light Socket Extension Wiring Cord Adapter


multiple light socket cord wiring

E27 Multiple light socket cord wiring:

Lamp Cord Sets with Multiple Light Socket
Multiple Light Socket Sets Are Factory Manufactured to Exacting Specifications
Molded End Plug Is Polarized with 2 Prongs & FUSED for Extra Safety (Extra Fuse Included)
In-Line On/Off Switch Approx. 22″ from Last Multiple Light Socket of Each Set
Low Profile Candelabra Multiple Light Sockets with Metal Spring Clips Fit 1″ Openings

Multiple Light Socket Accept 7-1/2-Watt Maximum Bulbs
Cord Sets Are SPT-1 Rated and Stranded Copper Wire
For INDOOR Use Only

Easy to install. You just have to insert a bulb, plug it in and BAM your light is working! Long Cord: Our pendant light’s cord is 15 feet long allowing for full customization based on your needs and style. Stylish: These cords could be used in every environment. They could be hung straight down from the ceiling, dangling from artwork or draped on any pole.

From retro to funky to serious to vintage. It enhances every surrounding. Easy Switch Access: The Switch Is conveniently placed 3 Feet from The Wall Plug. The switch will reach the height of a typical light switch if the wall plug is at the common location (1 ft from floor). Use anywhere: Ideal for use in living room, kitchen, dorm room, kids’ room, closets, garage, bedroom or any place to brighten up.


Multiple Light Socket Extension Wiring Cord Adapter:

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    Date: August 07, 2016