Keyless Plastic Lamp Holders base E26 light bulb socket


Plastic Lamp Holders

Keyless Plastic Lamp Holders with Pull Chian:

E26 Plastic Lamp Holders with wire, Nickel-plated brass screw shell will not corrode.
For Commercial, Industrial and Residential Lighting Applications.
Fits 3.25” or 4” outlet box.
UV resistant Lamp Holders will not fade or discolor.
Optional Plastic and Metal Safety Cages fit all Lamp Holders.
Includes corrosion resistant mounting screws.


Plastic Lamp Holders used for low voltage circuits such as electricity experiments, educational activities and for science projects. This lamp holder features a rolled shell of brass mounted in a Plastic Lamp Holders with two screw terminals and two pre-drilled holes for mounting on a project board.

The Plastic Lamp Holders diameter is 29 mm and the height is 17mm. It holds our 1.2-volt, 2.25-volt, 5.1-volt and other E10 light bulbs. It has the CE* t180 approval marking and 12 V, 2 A rating.

Easy to use and allows you to keep using conventional light bulbs or compact fluorescent lamp with This Plastic Lamp Holders. This Plastic Lamp Holders is easy and convenient for you to use or install. Feature compact and simple design, instead of the tiny candelabra-based bulb.


Plastic Lamp Holders


Plastic Lamp Holders White finish coordinates with any surroundings
Installs in closets, garages, basements, utility rooms and attics
Suitable for indoor use only
For use with a standard wall switch
Meets UL, CE

lamp holder certificates


A keyless Plastic Lamp Holders removes the switches to power on the light directly at the bulb. Installing the socket is a task similar to a lot of other light sockets and can be performed without the use of an electrician.

The keyless light fixtures or lamp holder is one of the simplest ceiling fixtures and is controlled and operated by a switch. This type of light fixture is commonly used to provide lighting in closets, pantries, basements – your more “out of the way” locales in the home.


E26 keyless plastic lamp holder is a type of lighting fixture, the socket is designed to hold and connect a light bulb to an electrical supply. It is typically used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings where a simple and affordable lighting solution is needed.

The term “keyless” refers to the absence of a switch or locking mechanism to turn the light on or off. Instead, the bulb is controlled by a wall switch or other external control device. The holder is made of plastic, which is lightweight, durable, and resistant to electrical current.

The E26 plastic lamp holder typically has screw terminals for connecting the wires from the electrical supply, which are typically covered with a plastic insulator for added safety. Some models also include grounding screws to provide added protection against electrical shock.

Keyless plastic lamp holders are commonly used in fixtures such as ceiling fans, porch lights, and garage lights, The sockets are available in a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate different bulb types and wattages.

The holders are usually sold as a standalone component, allowing users to customize their lighting solutions by selecting the appropriate bulb and wiring.