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E40 Porcelain lamp Holder

E40 Porcelain lamp Holder for LED HID LAMPS:

Model NO: E40-YM110/N
Type: E40 screw
Electric current: 4A-16A  660W
Voltage: 110V-750V
5KV T230
Dimension(cm): 6.8 x 5.5 x 5.5
Weight (Kg): 0.20
Cable chooses: silica, braided, Teflon.
Available wire: 0.75mm2; 0.5mm2.
Body material: Porcelain/ceramic; body can be matt or glazed.
Screw shell: Aluminum plated copper, Copper/brass.
Contractor: Iron plated copper, Copper/brass, Stain steel.
Terminal/ rivet: zinc alloy, Copper/brass.
Many brackets for your choice.
Customized designs accepted; Various configurations are available.

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E40 Porcelain lamp Holder advantage:
High at elevated temperatures
High dielectric strength
Excellent electrical resistance
Abrasion resistance
High electrical insulation.


E40 Porcelain lamp Holder with M5 bracket



Body: Porcelain
5KV Pulse Rated
600 Volt Max rated
250-Watt maximum lamp wattage
Screw shell; Aluminum alloy or bronze or copper of copper with nickel
plated by customer’s requirement specification of lead wires;
standard leads are 18AWG, 105 degrees black and white, other hot features are available by customer’s requirements.


Porcelain Lamp holders for incandescent lamps with base E40.
JAMES light bulb socket E40 Porcelain 108208 4014364082080
Material: porcelain, white, T270
Oblong holes for screws M5 bracket
Type: 12800/12801
Ref. No.: 108208




The E40 porcelain lamp holder is a type of lighting fixture, the sockets designed to hold and connect an E40 base light bulb to an electrical supply.

The E40 base is a large screw fitting commonly used in high wattage bulbs, such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps, which are used for outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, and industrial lighting applications.

The porcelain material used in the holder is resistant to high temperatures, making it suitable for use with bulbs that generate a significant amount of heat.

The holder includes screw terminals for connecting the wires from the electrical supply, which are typically covered with a ceramic insulator for added safety.

E40 porcelain lamp holders are typically sold as a standalone component, allowing users to customize their lighting solutions by selecting the appropriate bulb and wiring.

They are available in a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate different bulb types and wattages.

When selecting an E40 porcelain lamp holder, it is important to ensure that the holder is rated for the wattage of the bulb being used to avoid overheating and potential fire hazards.