E27 sockets To E40 Screw Lamp Holder Converter Adapter


e27 sockets for sale

E27 sockets to E40 light bulb holder for sale:

E27 to E40 sockets adapter
1. E27 E14 B22 GU10 MR16
2. 2A-4A, 250V-600V

 e27 sockets Features:
1) Model: E27 TO E40  socket adapter Converter;
2) E27 TO E40 sockets Adapter Converter for LED/ Halogen / CFL Light Bulb lamp;
3) Change your E40 base to fit E27 Fitting,E27 male to E40 female;
4) Materials: conductive copper +  Retardant PBT
5) There have no electrical components inside, so it don\`t change voltage, current and power.

E27 sockets To E40 Screw Lamp Holder Converter Adapter

E27 To E40 Socket Specification:
Total Size: About 83 x 47 mm (H x W)

27 mm screw to 40 mm screw.
For allowing adaptation of light fittings & sockets to use other bulb types.
Use this bulb socket adapter to convert E27 to E40 lamp socket.

The e27 sockets of the sodium lamp is convenient lamp and lamp holder connected to the circuit. The long-life bulbs requirements lamp with glass bulb connection should be solid, not loose and fell off. So generally use the threaded mechanical fastening technology prevents welding mud natural aging off.


e27 sockets with UL


The manufacture of the lamp cap material is generally brass strip and the lamp holder, it may maintain a small contact resistance, reducing the metal surface oxide layer. Such as light bulbs used in special environments, can brass lamp surface coating layer of chromium or nickel layer. lamp holders Specifications: E27, E40.