E27 Pendant Lamp Holder Ceramic Light Sockets


E27 Pendant Lamp Holder


E27 Pendant Lamp Holder Ceramic Light Bulb Sockets:

A glazed, simple, classic and beautiful ceramic light sockets for E27 Pendant Lamp Holder with white surface and integral locking mechanism. Equipped with transparent cord grip for preventing the withdrawal of the cable from the light bulb sockets.

This E27 Pendant Lamp Holder is compatible with all light bulbs, cables and accessories in our collection.
Excellent quality. Made in China 250V, 4A, socket E27/ES, suitable for use with energy saving bulbs and incandescent bulbs.

The E27 Pendant Lamp Holder has a long pendant lamp and a single head lamp. The former is used in the living room, and the latter is used in the bedroom and dining room. Some of the lighting is installed in the milky white lamp shade, so soft and light scattering, some cover towards the mouth, indoor light is bright.

And a cover towards the mouth, lights on the ceiling and bounce down, in order to spread evenly lighting, the luminosity of the weaker, downy and pleasing to the eye lamp for bedroom nightstand, short ark or study desk, style and colors are changing.



Generally divided into two types: process table lamp and writing table lamp. There are flowers, craft table lamp glass grinding of ceramic glaze, cloisonne and plastic spraying products, emphasizes the artistic design and decorative effect.



, suitable for use with energy saving bulbs and incandescent bulbs.
white glazed porcelain lamp holder, pendant bulb socket
screw cap E27/ES , locking mechanism , plastic cord grip.