Batten Holder Light Fitting B22 Lamp Sockets

bayonet cap batten holder light fitting


Bayonet cap batten holder light fitting B22:

The Batten Holder Light from JAMES is a T2 BC sized fitting with 3 terminals and ceiling rose base that is easily installed in and ideal for any domestic or workplace ceiling, especially for rooms with low ceilings as this model features a short skirting.

All wiring of this high-quality fitting complies to relevant British standards and is CE marked where applicable.

Batten Holder Light Features:
T2 lamp fitting
Ceiling rose base
Short skirt for compact fit
Easily wired to replace old fitting
Three terminals
Bayonet cap fitting

Batten Holder Light Technical Specification:
Weight: 57g
Cap: T2 BC.





B22 lamp holders, diameter 22MM lamp with two bumps card shoots for the card into the B22 lamps interface. It is the most common kind of lamp interface.

B22 lamp: the lamp a lamp is connected to the end of the lamp cord, interface for installing the lamp, fixed the lights in parts of the lamp so that the lamp power supply connected to the lamp holder. Electric light the light bulb sockets naming method.

Related Symbol Meaning: B bayonet lamp cap, B behind the digital representation of the diameter of the housing, such as: B22D/25 × 26 – means with two contact pieces, a bayonet light bulb socket of a diameter of approximately 22mm; total length of about 25mm, skirts diameter of about 26mm.


    Date: August 05, 2016