Light Bulb Plug In Adapter With Two Outlets

Light Bulb Plug In Adapter with outlets

Light Bulb Plug in Adapter with Two Outlets Splitter:

Turn a medium base socket into 2 outlets and a socket
2-prong polarized outlets
Adds more outlets to a room or porch
125-Watt, 660 Volt Max
Includes (2) white adapters
JAMES offers a variety of electrical accessories for residential use. Accessories, such as taps, surface outlets, and adapters are designed to safely and conveniently maximize your home’s electrical efficiency. They are moisture, chemical and abuse-resistant and they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Two convenient outlets to your home using a Light Bulb Plug in Adapter with Two Outlets from JAMES. Ideal for holiday lights, workshop, garage, or utility room use, you can add more outlets where you need them most and is easy to install.

Carefully remove the existing bulb, screw in socket adapter and simply replace the bulb. Make sure to turn off the light fixture before installation.


Light Bulb With Plug In Outlet Medium Base Adapter Splitter


Please note that this Light Bulb Plug in Adapter with Two Outlet is for indoor use only and is not intended for use in wet locations.

Adds two convenient Light Bulb Plug in Adapter where you need them most,
Ideal for holiday lights, workshops, garages, and utility rooms,
Easy to install,
For use with polarized plugs only,
For indoor use only.

    Date: August 06, 2016