Light Bulb Plug Adapter with UL China factory price


Light Bulb Plug Adapter

E26/E27 Light Bulb Plug Adapter Two Outlet Socket Adapter:

High temperature, deformation, easy wiring, durable and environmental protection,
Material: Plastic and metal,
Color: White
Total Length: 1.8M
Quantity: 1 Pc
Net Weight: 95g.

Perfect for workshops and garages I Two outlet socket adapter I 660 Watt | 125 Volt |Converts single socket to lamp holder with 2 standard plug outlets I UL listed.

James electrical accessories for the home include taps and adapters, night lights and battery-operated lighting. Every electrical accessory is subject to James’ strict in-house quality control and must meet or exceed applicable industry standards. Two Outlet Light Bulb Plug Adapter – converts single socket into a lamp holder with two outlets. UL listed.


light socket to 2 outlet plug adapter


Description of goods: Pull chain lamp holder
Model No.: JMS-226
Rated voltage & Amp: 4A 250V
Material: Bakelite
Packing: With plastic bag packing, then put into carton
Delivery: 30 days for 100,000pcs
Certificate: CE, UL
1. The plastic lamp holders is popular in America.
2. OEM and ODM are welcome.

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Made of Bakelite, a durable and heat-resistant material
Compatible with E26 base light bulbs
Allows for the use of E26 base light bulbs in sockets that do not support this type of base
Compact and easy to install
Can be used with a variety of fixtures and applications.


Material: Bakelite
Base Type: E26
Voltage: 110-250V
Maximum Wattage: 100W

The E26 Bakelite Light Bulb Plug in Adapter is a versatile and cost-effective solution for those who want to use E26 base light bulbs in fixtures that do not support this type of base. The adapter is made of Bakelite, a heat-resistant and electrically insulating material that ensures safety and durability. It is compatible with a wide range of fixtures and applications, making it a useful tool for both residential and commercial use.

The adapter is easy to install, simply screw in the E26 base light bulb into the adapter, and then plug the adapter into the socket. It can handle a maximum wattage of 100W and supports voltage from 110-250V. The compact size of the adapter makes it easy to store and transport, making it a convenient solution for those who frequently need to switch between different types of light bulbs.

What is a light bulb plug adapter?

A plug-in light bulb adapter is a device that allows you to convert the type of plug on a light bulb to fit into a different type of socket or fixture. For example, if you have a light bulb with a standard E26 base (also known as a medium base), but the socket you want to use it in has a smaller E12 (candelabra) base, you can use a light bulb plug in adapter to make the bulb fit.

There is also light bulb plug in adapters that can convert between different types of sockets, such as from a candelabra base to a larger intermediate base (E17) or a mogul base (E39).

Some plug-in light bulb adapters may also include other features, such as the ability to dim the bulb or to adjust the color temperature of the light.