Ceramic Lamp Sockets


Ceramic Lamp Sockets with leads

Leviton Ceramic Lamp Sockets Suitable for a wide variety of fixtures, signs and displays Medium Ceramic Lamp Sockets – fits regular incandescent Ceramic Lamp Sockets
Two-piece base and ring design made of unglazed porcelain
Includes gasket rated at 90°C dry maximum
Single circuit
Keyless – no ON/OFF switch
Back-wired with 2 9″ 18 AWM TEW wire leads, stripped 3/4″
Slot lock prevents rotation
Rated 660W 250V
Designed to fit a 1-7/16″ diameter hole
Dimensions: 1-3/4″ outer diameter; 1-3/8″ overall height
Aluminum screw shell
Unglazed porcelain body
Nickel plated copper alloy screw shell
2 9″ N0. 18 gauge wire leads
2 #6-32 captive mounting screws on .84″ centers
Medium base E26 socket – fits standard incandescent bulb bases
Keyless – no ON/OFF switch
Leviton 8101 2-Piece Ring Type Porcelain Medium Lamp holder

Ceramic Lamp Sockets Specifications :
E27 Ceramic Lamp Sockets with leads,
Terminal block: zinc, copper
Center connect: copper, iron
Bulb circle: copper, aluminum, iron
Bracket: iron
Starting voltage to 5 kV
Screw Ceramic Lamp Sockets
For screws ISO 1207 – M4, ISO 1580 – M3
Color: beige, white
Cable choose: silica, braided, Teflon
Available wire:0.75mm2 ; 0.5mm2

ES (E27) Ceramic Lamp Sockets :
Ceramic Lamp Sockets is available for E27 bulbs.
E27 Ceramic Lamp Sockets is 45mm high by 40mm wide (27mm screw).
The hole centers are 20mm apart in the base for direct fixing or alternatively you can use a side mounting bracket
E27 Ceramic Lamp Sockets takes standard screw cap bulbs, suitable in applications where high temperatures may be produced, by HID bulbs or by operation in a confined
space. Connection is by means of screw connectors and can be made from above or from  two sides. Holes are provided for two mounting screws or adding mounting brackets, clamps, and plates.


    Date: July 28, 2016