Lamp Cord Set 12′ 15′ 19′ Pendant Lamp Holder for Lanterns


Lamp Cord Set

Lamp Cord Set Lamp Cord Set 12′ 15′ 19′ Pendant:

Lamp Cord Set with candelabra base LIGHT BULB provide everything in one convenient package to light your project. Includes clear, steady-burning light bulb. Lamp Cord Set also has a switch to turn your project on and off.

Lamp Cord Sets Are Factory Manufactured to Exacting Specifications
Lamp Cord Sets Have Molded End Plug That Is Polarized with 2 Prongs
Lamp Cord Sets Have In-Line Rotary Style On/Off Switch
Lamp Cord Sets Use #18/105 Stranded Copper Wire
Components Are U.L. Listed. “A” Is Also Canadian Certified.

Lamp Cord Sets Include 7-1/2W or 25W Light Bulb
Lamp Cord Set “A” & “E” are Popular Choices for Illuminating SALT LAMPS
IMPORTANT: To use Lamp Cord Set “D” with QUICK-CONNECT Socket, Cut TINNED Ends Between 3/8″ – 1/2″ Long & Insert into About Openings in Base of Socket
For INDOOR Use Only.


hanging lamp socket with cord


12′ 15′ 19′ Lamp Cord Set is individually inspected for quality and for safety. E26 lamp holder. The Lamp Cord Set has an on/off switch and a standard polarized plug for US and Canadian electric systems. It comes with hanging hardware.

James Lamp Cord Set kits will work with most paper lanterns and nylon lanterns.  Many customers use our lantern cord kits for infinity lights.

Lamp Cord Set 12′ 15′ 19′ Pendant Lamp Holder for Lanterns Suspended by a wire, this 660-watt antique pendant lamp holder hangs from the ceiling, providing ambient or task lighting for vintage fixtures.

light cord set with switch

This Lamp Cord Set 12′ 15′ 19′ Pendant Lamp Holder for Lanterns is a unique way to light any space, from your kitchen island to your dining room table. It has a 6-foot SVT lead wire that allows for flexibility, making this pendant the perfect choice for that distinguishing vintage look you desire.

Uses two 18-gauge wires in a 6-foot black cord
Keyless; designed for use with a wall switch
Operates at 250 volts
Classic brass finish.

    Date: August 05, 2016