Light Cord Hanging Plug with candelabra base (New)


light cord set


Hanging light bulb cord Plug with candelabra base:

Light Cord with candelabra base LIGHT BULB provides everything in one convenient package to light your project. Includes clear, steady-burning light bulb. Cords also have switch to turn your project on and off.
Light Cord Are Factory Manufactured to Exacting Specifications
Light Cord Have Molded End Plug That Is Polarized with 2 Prongs
Light Cord Have In-Line Rotary Style On/Off Switch
Light Cord Use #18/105 Stranded Copper Wire
Components Are U.L. Listed. “A” Is Also Canadian Certified
Light Cord Include 7-1/2W or 25W Light Bulb
Light Cord “A” & “E” are Popular Choices for Illuminating SALT LAMPS.

Easy to install. You just have to insert a bulb, plug it in and BAM your light is working!

Long Cord: Our pendant light’s cord is 15 feet long allowing for full customization based on your needs and style. Stylish: These cords could be used in every environment. They could be hung straight down from the ceiling, dangling from artwork or draped on any pole.

This single-socket lantern pendant Light Cord Hanging Plug with candelabra base is made for use with paper, silk, star and other decorative lanterns that are 12 inches and larger. This cord allows you to hang your lanterns with illumination from ceilings, rafters, sconces and more.


12' 15' 19' Hanging Lantern light bulb Cord with On Off


The long 11-foot Light Cord allows you to hang your lanterns even in places that aren’t near an electrical outlet. The white color of the single-socket lantern cord blends beautifully into white-washed walls so as to not draw attention to itself. Even if your walls aren’t white, the neutral color works well with many different shades of paint.

The two-prong wall plug Light Cord featured on the single-socket pendant light cord kit from the Paper Lantern Store allows this cord to work in any standard U.S. electrical wall outlet.

The light bulb socket cord is a standard type “A” bulb socket which accepts standard light bulbs. The convenient on and off switch is located about three feet from the plug end of the cord and allows you to turn the light on and off without using your light switch or unplugging the unit. The convenient controls also allow you to choose the brightness of your lantern up to 60 watts.


single socket pendant light cord kit for lanterns


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    Date: August 05, 2016