E26 to E17 lamp socket adapter candelabra

lamp socket adapter candelabra

E26 to E17 lamp socket adapter candelabra:

lamp holder adapter characteristics:
Product  Model: lamp holder adapter E26 to E17
Fitting: E26
lamp base: E17
Materials: conductive copper Flame retardant PBT(resistant155°C)
weight: 12.4g
Style: screw
Certificate: UL, CE & RoHS
Guarantee:3 years


1) Model: E26 to E17 Lamp Socket Adapter;
2) E26 to E17 Lamp Socket Adapter for LED/ Halogen / CFL Light Bulb lamp;
3) Changing your E17 base to adapt E26 Screw Fitting;
4) Adapter converter do not change your electronic data such as current, voltage and power;

E26 to E17 Lamp Socket Adapter LED Light Lamp holder Bulb Adapter Converter
1.High quality ,Brand New
2.Perfect for LED, halogen, filament or CFL light bulb
3. e26 to e17 Light Lamp Bulbs Adapter Converter
4.Suitable for all voltage
5.Material:High quality and durable ceramic
6.Rated  Current: 2A

    Date: August 04, 2016