Candelabra Adapters Medium E26 to E12 Converter


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Candelabra bulb adapters Medium to Converter:

Medium To Candelabra Adapters Converter / E26 to E12
by James
Watts: 75W Maximum
Volts: 250V Maximum
Color: Black
Enlarges your Candelabra Adapters to fit standard bulbs
Works with incandescent and CFL (Energy Efficient) bulbs
Easy to use, just twist into existing Candelabra Adapters.
Fits for all standard bulbs.


Candelabra Adapters Made of high-quality thermoplastic polymer (PBT) and copper, this adapter comes in a solid construction, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and anti-burning, Produces less heat, anti-burning and erosion resistant.
EASY TO INSTALL: This handy adapter quickly and easily adapts any E26 Edison screw-in base lamp to a standard E12 Candelabra Adapters.

Simply screw an E26 base lamp in this Candelabra Adapters, then screw the adapter to any E12 standard socket. Ideal for ceiling fans or lights with candelabra sockets that need to be converted to a standard medium base.

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JAMES offers a variety of electrical accessories for residential use. Accessories, such as Candelabra Adapters E26 to E12 Converter Incandescent Glazed porcelain Lamp Holder, surface outlets, and adapters are designed to safely and conveniently maximize your home’s electrical efficiency. They are moisture, chemical and abuse-resistant and they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.