LED Lamp Holders Light Bulb Socket manufacturers (China factory)

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LED Lamp Holders Light Bulb Socket manufacturers:

LED lamp holders are transparent lampshades that adopt imported poly carbonate injection mold, high strength, good transparency, LED is a light emitting diode (LED) as the light source of the light-emitting body. The light-emitting diode was invented in the 1960s, in the ensuing decades, its basic use as an indicator of the tape recorders and other electronic devices.

These light bulb sockets have high efficiency, long life 100,000 hours of continuous use, and 100 times longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs. Scientists predict that in the next five years, this bulb is likely to become the mainstream of the next generation of lighting products.




LED lamps is very popular to our life, how to choose the right led lamp holders, the tips as below: LED lamp holders, usually called “fluorescent light socket”, LED holders for fluorescent lamps: tube T5, T8, T12 and T2 with reduced dimensions, slim line, circular, VHO (Very High Output) lamps and HO (High Output) with high luminous efficiency, “U” shaped and compact fluorescent lamps. LED tubes are the most used lamps for the internal lighting of industrial and commercial areas.


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