B22 UL E26/ CE E27 Vintage antique Brass Bulb Holders


B22 UL E26/ CE E27 Vintage antique Brass Bulb Holders:

Disc type electric light bulb base Brass Bulb Holders:
1. Material:    Aluminum lamp cup with ceramic lamp socket inside,
Brass lamp cup with plastic inserts, insulated cardboard
2. Lamp base:
3. Finish:    Matt, Shiny
4. Color:    Raw brass, Chrome, Pearl Black, Rose Gold, Red copper, Antique brass, Bronze
5. Volts/Current/Amp:    250V/ 60W, 250V/4A
6. Usage:    DIY pendant light, wall lamp, table lamp etc.
7. MOQ:    50 pcs
8. Delivery time:    12 days.

Brass Bulb Holders, 24O V, 4A with antique brass body, ceramic terminal insert. For use as a switched Pendant Brass Bulb Holders please choose Cord Grip mechanism option as it insures that cable can not be pulled out of the fitting. Earthed system means fitting can be connected to metal components like a shade ring or wire.




In addition to Edison, standard or E27 Brass Bulb Holders, we also offer candelabra Brass Bulb Holders, which are great for use with decorative bulbs in sconces and chandeliers.

These are smaller than standard Brass Bulb Holders, and they are available in several different sizes, materials, and styles. Clusters and cluster Brass Bulb Holders are another unique offering, perfect for use on projects that include multiple bulbs. We also have bases for use with halogen bulbs, medium base fixtures, and candle lamps.



After choosing the appropriate size and material for Brass Bulb Holders, you will also need to choose from our selection of styles, which determine how you will turn your bulb on and off. Styles include keyless, keyed, push-thru, pull chain, dimmer, three-way, and three terminal.


    Date: August 05, 2016