G9 Lamp Holders LED Ceramic Light Bulb sockets


g9 lamp holder ceramic

G9 lamp holders Ceramic Light Socket Base:

G9 lamp holders Accessory Type: Bulb Connector
Connector Type: G9
Material: Ceramic
Dimension(cm):3.3 x 1.8 x 1.8
Voltage: 250V
Current: 2A
Certifications: CE and UL
RoHS Directive-compliant

g9 lamp holders Advantages:

G9 Base Socket Ceramic Led Bulb Holder Replacement Sockets with Cable Lead Halogen Threaded Lamp Socket with 9.5inch Wire Stand

Size: Approx. 0.7-inch diameter, 0.9 inch high, Cable Length: Approx. 9.5 inch
Equipped with cable wires for easy connection. High temperature Teflon wire line core 0.5mm, blue and brown copper wire.

Applications: Halogen lamp, ceiling light, spotlight, G9 / 220V / 40W high voltage lamp and more.


G9 Lamp Holders LED Ceramic Light Bulb sockets


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g9 lamp holders applied to the conversion lamp screw lamp holders by Edison screw caps and matching screw base G9 lamp holders’ combination, the G9 lamp holders including two for contact with light feet metal member, each of the two-guide wire is connected to the screwed mouth of the lamp cap screw sleeve and G9 lamp holders for contacting lamp pin between the metal member and the screw base back sheet and another for contacting lamp pin between metal parts.

Feet of the present invention allows the G9 lamps bulbs, such as single-ended halogen bulb Edison ceramic lamp sockets for easy application.




    Date: August 05, 2016