Porcelain Medium E26 Lamp Holder Sockets


Porcelain Medium E26 Lamp Holder Sockets

Porcelain Lamp Sockets Features:
Porcelain Construction
Medium E26 Socket (Standard household bulb size)
Incandescent or CFL
250V 660W Total assembly rating
UL Listed
Model: NO-HW-01
Leads Attached (3.5″ cut)
Size: 1.4″ Diameter x 1.5″ Long


Advantages of Porcelain Lamp Sockets replace aluminum alloy light bulb sockets.
1,A cooling effect, reduce the light fades
2,High dielectric strength, high safety factor
3,Resistant, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, long life
4,Ceramic insulation; superior thermal performance; appearance of high-end, consistency and stability; safety factor, easy installation, wide range of applications.




The Medium E26 Porcelain Lamp Sockets:
These are brand new units pulled from unused ceiling fan light kits. Longer lasting than a phenolic socket, this 1/4 IP medium base (E26) Porcelain Lamp Sockets are  perfect for most light to medium-duty applications. It is made of commercial quality white glazed porcelain and rated for a maximum wattage of 660 watts and a maximum voltage of 250 volts. With two brass screw terminals, the installation of this socket is a cinch. Equip your lighting fixture with this medium base Porcelain Lamp Sockets.




    Date: July 28, 2016