G4 Lamp Holders 2A led halogen lamp holder base

g4 lamp holder base

G4 Lamp Holders 2A led halogen lamp holder base:

G4 Lamp Holders: G indicates the type of lamp holders are a plug-in, followed by numbers indicate light foot hole center distance of 4mm.

MR16 lamp holders is a multi-reflecting surface, for halogen replacement LED spotlights, we also used to call it is MR16, E27, E14, GU10 lamp holder with respect to said, as the two-pinthe distance between the 5.3 sockets, so some people call it G5.3.

G4 LED bulbs by JAMES are available in several formats, including LED G4 discs and LED G4 towers. G4 LED replacement bulbs offer a low heat, low energy alternative to miniature G4 incandescent and G4 halogen bulbs. G4 disc lights supply directed luminescence whereas the G4 tower lights offer a wider beam angle.

These LED micro lights offer a great alternative in marine LED lighting environments where the bulb is water protected and in garden and 12vdc landscaping LED lighting applications.

G4 Lamp Holders 2A led halogen lamp holder base:
Model: JMS-E1
Products Name: Halogen G4 Lamp holder
Material: Ceramic +Copper + Mica
Electrical parameters: 2A 250V T200; 250V 100W
Color: Yellow/White
Design: OEM & ODM
Certification: VDE/CE/UL
Free Sample: Yes
1. Spot Light
2. Commercial lighting
3. Indoor lighting
4. Decoration Lighting
5. Other lighting fixtures.



What is a G4 lamp holder base?

G4 lamp holder base is a type of light bulb socket that is designed to hold and connect G4 base bulbs. G4 bulbs are commonly used in a variety of lighting applications, including automotive lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

The G4 lamp holder base is typically made from a durable, heat-resistant material such as ceramic or plastic and features two or more metal pins or prongs that connect to the corresponding pins on the bulb.

The G4 lamp holder base is designed to securely hold the bulb in place and provide a stable electrical connection between the bulb and the lighting fixture.


What are the different types of G4 lamp holder bases?

There are several different types of G4 lamp holder bases available, each with its own unique design and features. Some common types of G4 lamp holder bases include wire connector types, snap-in types, and push-fit types.


How do I choose the right one?

When choosing a G4 lamp holder base, it is important to consider the type of lighting fixture or application where it will be used, as well as the size and type of G4 bulb that will be used.


What are the benefits of using a G4 lamp holder base?

One of the primary benefits of using a G4 lamp holder base is that it allows for easy installation and replacement of G4 bulbs.

many G4 lamp holder bases are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, which further reduces their environmental footprint.


How do I install a G4 lamp holder base?

  1. First, ensure that the power to the lighting fixture is turned off and that the old bulb and holder, if applicable, have been removed.
  2. Next, align the pins or prongs on the G4 bulb with the corresponding slots or sockets on the holder, and gently push the bulb into place.
  3. Finally, connect the pins or prongs on the holder to the corresponding sockets or wires on the lighting fixture.

    Date: August 07, 2016