GU10 Sockets with terminal blocks and junction box

gu10 sockets UK CANADA

Gu10 sockets lamp holder fixture base UK CANADA:

The GU10 Sockets is 37mm high by 30mm wide
Cable is approximately 90mm in length
Bridge Junction box is 60mm x 30mm
Bracket is 60mm x 24mm
Earth Cable is 70mm
Total length 225mm x 90mm

GU10 Sockets with Heat Resistant Flex Lamp Holder, Fitting Base with Bridge Junction Box & Connector with Earth Terminal for Halogen & LED Spot Light Bulbs.

The GU10 Sockets is one of our best selling products. They are used in spotlights and ceiling downlights in both domestic and commercial environments. Halogen lamps are a type of incandescent lamp that produces a bright, white light. GU10 lamp refers to the type of bayonet mount that the halogen lamp is attached to.


GU10 Connector Ceramic Lamp Holder With Terminal Block


The two holes in the middle have metal contacts integrated, which are used to connect with the GU10 bulbs, the other two holes are for affixing screws. Bulb fitting and replacing are fairly easy: insert the bulb and gently twist it clockwise to lock the bulb in position.




GU10 LED Bulbs are characterized by having a 2-pin light bulb base that inserts-and-twists into the GU10 Sockets. The bi-pin GU10 LED light bulbs has pins that are 10mm apart. JAMES Light LED Lighting offers several forms of LED GU10 lightbulbs including dimming LED GU10 bulbs and GU10 LED spot lights.

    Date: August 05, 2016