Candelabra Light Sockets Durable Phenolic with Metal Brackets

candelabra light socket base

Candelabra light socket base with Metal Brackets:

Candelabra Light Sockets Can Be Used With light bulb sockets Cord
Candelabra Light Sockets are Factory Assembled and Feature Durable Phenolic Plastic Construction and Metal Mounting Brackets
Mounting Brackets Are Threaded 1/8 IP
Candelabra Light Sockets Include Insulating Sleeve
For INDOOR Use Only.


Candelabra Light Sockets may be found as part of a table lamp, or as a part of a pendant light fitting. The method of connection is similar for both pendant type and table lamp, but the metal and plastic types require different considerations.

The first difference to note is that plastic fittings have no earth connection and should therefore only be connected via a two-core flex. Metal fittings must always be connected via a flex with an earth wire.

The second consideration is that metal fittings are not suitable in some locations – the most notable of which is bathrooms. Plastic ones may be used in bathrooms, but choose the type with a longer plastic shroud which shields the components better. In practice, ceramic light sockets are generally only used for certain types of table lamps.


    Date: August 05, 2016