Bakelite Lamp Holders E26/E27 China manufacturers (Factory price)


Bakelite Lamp Holders

Bakelite Lamp Holders: E27 E26 125V/250V:

Bakelite Lamp Holders with long life span
lamp holder is made of copper or iron
black or ivory are at your choice

E27 Bakelite Lamp Holders Specifications:
1.lamp holders: E26 E27 125V/250V,
2.plastic lamp holder is fire proof,
3.lamp holders are made of copper or iron,
Bakelite Lamp Holders for led spotlight.

Bakelite Lamp Holders are made from “Bakelite”, the material chemical name is called phenolics, is first put into industrial production in the plastic variety.

The socket has high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, therefore commonly used in the manufacture of electrical materials, such as switches, Bakelite Lamp Holders, headset, phone cases, instrument case, “Bakelite” named.




Bakelite Lamp Holders E26/E27 Specification:

High quality UL Bakelite lamp holder parts – dome, screw shell and terminal block matching cord grip with side locking grub screw to safely secure the cable fit with a standard screw (E27 or ES) light bulb – compatible with the Factory vintage filament bulbs, Eco-Filament bulbs and LED-Filament bulbs.

includes comprehensive instructions and diagrams for safe and simple wiring certified to BS EN 60238 with an additional safety locking mechanism requires an earth connection – must be wired with three core lighting cable.

Bakelite Lamp Holders E26 E27 ligth socket


The same Bakelite lamp holder is available with a hook for hanging using lighting chain or hooking over a fixing point. For a more industrial look, there is a cord grip ceramic lamp holder in a similar design.


E27 Bakelite lamp holder is a type of lighting fixture, the socket designed to hold and connect a light bulb to an electrical supply. Bakelite is a type of plastic that was commonly used in the early to mid-20th century for a variety of industrial, electrical, and consumer products.

The Bakelite material used in the holder is heat-resistant and durable, making it suitable for use with incandescent, halogen, or LED bulbs that generate a significant amount of heat.

lamp holder certificates


The socket typically includes screw terminals for connecting the wires from the electrical supply, which are typically covered with a Bakelite insulator for added safety.

Bakelite lamp holders are available in a range of sizes, including E27, E26, B22, B15 etc. the sockets configurations to accommodate different bulb types and wattages. The base is commonly used in vintage and retro lighting fixtures, as well as in industrial and commercial settings where a durable and heat-resistant lighting solution is needed.

In my opinion, the socket is worth noting that while Bakelite is a durable and heat-resistant material, it is not as resistant to high temperatures as ceramic or porcelain.

Therefore, when selecting a Bakelite lamp holder, it is important to ensure that it is rated for the wattage of the bulb being used to avoid overheating and potential fire hazards.