LED Socket Halogen Lamp Holders Adapters (NEW)


led socket adapter


LED sockets adapter halogen lamp holder:

LED Socket adapters enable light bulbs to be fitted to lamps or other light fixtures that are built with sockets of varying sizes. These adapters essentially work as interim sockets that, once screwed into a fixture’s own socket, allow for such fixtures to use either larger or smaller light bulbs than what they have been built to hold.

After the specific lamp has been selected, the next step is to check the lamp’s mounting base. The lamps most commonly used in the hobby are single-ended, with a screw-type mounting base. The size of the base and the threads is also described by a code, although names are more commonly used. For example, LED Socket – E39 is commonly called a mogul base.



LED Lamp holders mr16-socket-g5-3-lamp-holder-sizes


European lamps also have a mogul base, but it is slightly different from the E-39 and is called E40. The differences are small enough that the E40 base lamps will work fine in the typical E39 mogul base used in the U.S.

Double-ended 150-watt lamps use the RSC (RX7s) base, while the 250-watt double-ended lamps use the Fc2 base. Figure 3 shows the various shapes and configurations of lamps and bases, along with the restrictions on their various operating positions.


LED lamp-holder-adapter-type


LED Socket is transparent lampshade adopts imported polycarbonate injection molded, high strength, good transparency, LED is a light emitting diode (LED) as the light source of the light-emitting body. The light-emitting diode was invented in the 1960s, in the ensuing decades, its basic use as an indicator of the tape recorders and other electronic devices.

These light bulb sockets have high efficiency, long life 100,000 hours of continuous use, and 100 times longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs. Scientists predict that in the next five years, this bulb is likely to become the mainstream of the next generation of lighting products.


    Date: August 05, 2016