Light Bulb Plug Adapter
Light Bulb Socket Plug

Light Bulb Plug Adapter with UL China factory price

  E26/E27 Light Bulb Plug Adapter Two Outlet Socket Adapter: High temperature, deformation, easy wiring, durable and environmental protection, Material: Plastic and metal, Color: White Total Length: 1.8M Quantity: 1 Pc Net Weight: 95g. Perfect for workshops and garages I Two outlet socket adapter I 660 Watt | 125 Volt |Converts single socket to lamp holder with 2 standard plug outlets I UL listed. James electric
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light cord set with switch

Light Cord Set Ceiling Lamp Holder With On Off Switch

    Light cord set with switch Pendant Lamp Cord Set: 12′ 15′ 19′ Light Cord Set with on/Off Switch, Single Socket Plug- In Pendant Lamp Lights Fixture – For Star & Paper Lanterns, Closets, Bedroom, Living Dorm Room – White Each 12′ 15′ 19′ Light Cord Set is individually inspected for quality and for safety. E26 lamp holder. The Light Cord Set has an on/of
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led socket adapter

LED Socket Halogen Lamp Holders Adapters (NEW)

    LED sockets adapter halogen lamp holder: LED Socket adapters enable light bulbs to be fitted to lamps or other light fixtures that are built with sockets of varying sizes. These adapters essentially work as interim sockets that, once screwed into a fixture’s own socket, allow for such fixtures to use either larger or smaller light bulbs than what they have been built to hold. After the specific lamp has
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socket g9 ceramic lamp holder

G9 Lamp Holders LED Ceramic Light Bulb sockets

  G9 lamp holders Ceramic Light Socket Base: G9 lamp holders Accessory Type: Bulb Connector Connector Type: G9 Material: Ceramic Dimension(cm):3.3 x 1.8 x 1.8 Voltage: 250V Current: 2A Certifications: CE and UL RoHS Directive-compliant g9 lamp holders Advantages: G9 Base Socket Ceramic Led Bulb Holder Replacement Sockets with Cable Lead Halogen Threaded Lamp Socket with 9.5inch Wire Stand Size: Approx. 0.7-inch
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e27 to e14 adapter converter

E27 To E14 Adapter Lamp Holder Converter

    E27 to e14 light bulb socket adapter converters: Screw E27 To E14 Adapter Model NO: E27-E14 Type: Screw E27 To E14 Adapter Rated at 230V 4A 600W Weight (Kg):0.021 Temperature: 220℃ for PBT, Materials: conductive copper + Fire proof PBT All E27 To E14 Adapter should pass 4 quality inspections before loading. E27 To E14 Adapter is available for E27 LED/CFL lamp converter E14. Place of Origin: Fujian, Chin
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gu10 to e27 plug converter adapter

GU10 To E27 Adapter LED Bulb Socket Extend Plug

  Gu10 to e27 plug converter adapter Lamp Holder Converter: GU10 To E27 Adapter Brand: JAMES Applications: Suitable for all voltage, halogen LED, CFL bulbs, etc. Material: high quality plastic and other materials Voltage max: 265V Current max: 2A GU10 to E27 Edison socket base Lightweight and small design Convenient and practical, easy to install and use High temperature resistant, anti-burning PBT and anti-agin
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e27 to b22 socket converter

E27 To B22 Lamp Holder Socket Plug Adapters Converter

E27 to b22 LED socket converter Fireproof Lamp Holder: E27 Male to B22 Female Socket Converter Description: Change your E27 Screw Fitting to B22 LED Halogen CFL LED Light Bulb Lamp Socket Adapter Stable Performance and Easy to Install Professional Made with Good Performance Suitable For all Voltage Material: Plastic + Metal Color: As per availability. Black or White Weight: 25gm Size: Approx.5*3.5 cm(L*D) Package Inc
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