About Us

JAMES LIGHTING is a lamp holder China supplier that provides customers with hundreds of varieties of light bulb sockets and lamp base parts.

For the past 30 years, JAMES has offered Customization and OEM/ODM Service for porcelain light sockets and light socket adapters to its partners worldwide.
we have been one of the biggest light fitting accessories products export companies in China, James ship a large number of containers every month worldwide.
Our dedicated staff will provide you with professional service all the way from the manufacture up to the delivery to the port of entry.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact our friendly staff.


Factory History:

Since 1991: James Lighting was founded in 1991, as a supplier of lamp accessories.

1992-1993: The second year is the hardest for most businesses, but the pressure turned JAMES into an even stronger company.

1994-2001: We opened our own factory, using years of experience in the lighting industry to manufacture better ceramic lamp sockets internally.

2002-2007: JAMES extends our business to bulb holder converter, batten holder, brass lamp holder.

2008-2010: We extend our business to fluorescent lamp holders and Bakelite sockets.

– At present: The customized lamp holders can be made if you don’t like what we have.
James lighting has already completed more than 1000 projects in more than 30 countries.

We offer a great selection of lamp holders for your lamp repair and lighting restoration needs.

The ODM and OEM are available.

lamp holder certificates


▶We have over 30 years experience in design and manufacturing of lamp holder accessories
▶Our factory has been accredited to CCC and ISO9000 approval.
▶We specialize in lamp holder parts from raw materials to finished products.
▶Facilities and capabilities to design and develop new products to meet OEM project requirements.
▶We have a well-equipped in-house engineering tool shop and testing laboratory.
▶We follow the latest changes in published safety standards and European regulations.