E26 Porcelain mogul base lamp sockets



Porcelain mogul base sockets

E26 Porcelain Sockets features:
Voltage: 250V
Power: 660W
Nickel-plated copper screw shell and center contact
With AWM 1015 18AWG 105°C 600V black and white wires
Standard length of wires: 16.5cm, wires can be made according to the customer’s request
Packing: 400pcs/1ctn
Gross weight: 18kg
Net weight: 17kg

Advantages of Porcelain Sockets replace aluminum alloy lamp holders:
1,A cooling effect, reduce the light fades
2,High dielectric strength, high safety factor
3,Resistant, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, long life
4,Ceramic insulation; superior thermal performance; appearance of high-end, consistency and stability; safety factor, easy installation, wide range of applications.




A Porcelain Sockets is an essential part of every lamp. It is the place that houses the electrical connections that allow the lamp to turn on and project light, but they are not all created equal. If you are looking for the perfect product that leads in safety and efficiency, than look no further than the Porcelain Sockets.



This product leads in safety and life expectancy as it typically lasts much longer than other similar products made of other materials. They work well with many different types of lamps, but perform best when they are used in fixtures with virtually no air circulation available for the bulb.

It does not matter if you are using a pull chain lamp or a turn-knob option; Antique Lamp Supply offers a variety of porcelain sockets to choose from, giving you options for every type and style of lamp.



    Date: July 28, 2016