B22 To E27 Adaptor Bulb Holder Converter China manufacturer

b22 to e27 bulb socket converter adapter

B22 To E27 Adaptor Holder Converter:

Bayonet B22 To E27 Adaptor
Model NO: B22-E27
Type: light bulb B22 To E27 Adaptor
Rated at 230V 4A 1500W
Weight (Kg):0.027
Temperature: 220℃ for PBT,
Materials: conductive copper + Fire proof PBT
All light bulb sockets should pass 4 quality inspections before loading.
Light bulb socket adapter is available for B22 LED/CFL lamp converter E27/E26.
Place of Origin: Fujian, China

B22 To E27 Adaptor, a lamp holder to convert a bayonet cap fitting to an Edison screw fitting.
Brand new and high quality.
High temperature resistant.
Suitable for all voltage (This product is only socket converter; it does not convert electrical voltage).
Max Load 60W.


B22 To E27 Adaptor Bulb Holder Converter


B22 To E27 Adaptor Specifications:
A light bulb socket converter for the light bulb with E27 base to adapt an B22 screw fitting socket.
Perfect for LED, halogen, filament or CFL light bulb
Material: Fireproof PBT, Aluminum contacts
Heat-resistance Temperature: 165 °C.

B22 To E27 Adapter Bulb Holder LED Converter Base

B22(male plug) to E27(female socket) Light Lamp Bulbs Adapter Converter.
High temperature resistant, anti-burning PBT and anti-aging.
E27 to B22 LED Socket Adaptor, Extend Base Halogen CFL Converter E27 to B22 Adapter. Good quality. Suitable for all voltage: 110V, 120V, 130V, 220V, 240V, 260V.

    Date: August 05, 2016