E14 To E12 Adapter Lamp Holder Converter base [Infographic]

e14 to e12 bulb adapter

E14 to e12 bulb socket adapter converter:

Material: PBT
E14 to E12 Adapter Converter
The contacts made of copper
The main body is made of flame-retardant PBT
Suitable for LED / Halogen / CFL Light Bulb lamp
Change your E14 base to adapt E12 screw fitting

Package Included:
1x E14 To E12 Adapter Converter in Black.

LED E14 and E12 Adapter for LED Light bulbs.

lamp holder certificates


E14 LED and E12 LED light bulb base types are typical of LED chandelier and LED night lights. JAMES offers several types of LED candelabra LED bulbs including clear lens, frosted lens and LED torpedo lamps and LED flame light. Available in wattages that replace from 15W to 40W.

E12 LED bulb base is slight smaller screw-in base than then E14 screw-in base. Often used in LED chandeliers retro fits and as energy efficient alternatives to night lights. The E14 LED and E12 LED lamps are also known as LED flame bulbs and LED torpedo bulbs.


E14 To E12 Adapter Lamp Holder Converter base:

Type: E14 to E12 Adapter
Material: PBT and copper
Weight: 3.5g
Rate voltage/current: 250V/2A
Packing: 360pcs/box
Working temperature: 220℃


e14 to e12 bulb socket adapter

E14 to E12 bulb socket adapter is a small device, the adapter allows you to convert a light fixture designed for an E14 bulb socket to accommodate an E12 bulb socket.

E14 sockets are commonly used in Europe, while E12 sockets are more commonly used in North America. The adapter provides a simple and cost-effective solution for anyone who needs to convert a lighting fixture from one type of socket to the other.



The E14 to E12 bulb socket adapter typically has a voltage rating of 120V and a maximum power rating of 60W.

The adapter is designed to be used with E12 bulbs that have a small, candelabra-style base.



The E14 to E12 bulb socket adapter is easy to install and does not require any special tools or equipment. Its durable and compact design ensures a stable and reliable connection between the bulb and the lighting fixture.

The adapter is suitable for a wide range of lighting applications, including chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps, among others. When using the adapter, it is important to ensure that the bulb used is compatible with the voltage and electrical specifications of the lighting fixture.