E27 To B22 Adaper Lamp Holder Converter

e27 to b22 adapter 100w

E27 to b22 adapter 100w Lamp Holder Converter:

E27 To B22 Adaper Converter, a lamp base converter of light bulb with B22 base to adapt an E27 fitting socket, it is suitable for LED, halogen, filament or CFL light bulb. The light bulb adapter converter is easy and convenient for you to install and use for its practical and useful design, it will bring great convenience to your daily life.

Items are made of High temperature resistant ABS/Ceramic material.

E27 To B22 Adaper Features:
A lamp adapter for LED, halogen, CFL light bulb
Suitable for many types of working voltage
Produce less heat, safely coefficient is high
Long operation life and energy efficiency
Material: High temperature resistant ABS materiel

E27 To B22 Adaper converter, Perform the following torque test, the cap should be firmly bonded to the lamp body or the lamp used to precession or spin out the site:
Lamp holder B22d 3 N · m
Lamp holder E27   3 N · m

Torque should not be suddenly imposed, and should be gradually increased from zero to the specified value.
Not used for bonding of the lamp is fixed, the lamp cap and the lamp allow a relative movement between, but should not exceed 10 °. Mechanical strength test, the lamps shall conform to the requirements of electric shock prevention.


E27 To B22 Adaper Lamp Holder size diagram dimension


Cap temperature rise
In accordance with the QB / T 2512 Measuring finished lamp cap temperature rise △ ts when its temperature during the start of the lamp, stability and stabilization period of time after shall not exceed the following values:
B22d 125 K
E27 120 K
The temperature rise and 60 W (maximum power) incandescent temperature rise the same as incandescent prevent overheating. Incandescent lamps heat resistance heat test source (HTS) lamps test.

All tests shall be conducted using the rated voltage. If the lamp voltage range marked only should be used the average of the voltage range of the test, but the voltage range of the upper and lower limit values ??of the difference between its average voltage should not exceed 2.5%. For a wide range of lamp voltage, the test is used when the highest value in its scope.

    Date: August 05, 2016