E26 to Gu10 Porcelain Lamp Holder Adapter Converter


medium e26 to gu10 porcelain socket adapter

Medium e26 to gu10 porcelain light bulb socket adapter:

E26/E27 to GU10 Adapter – E26/E27 Edison Screw to GU10 Bayonet Base Socket Adapter Converter (medium)

Material: Flame retardant PBT lamp base adapter , Ceramic lamp base GU10
E27 to e27, e27 to e40, e27 to GU10, GU10 to e27, e14 to GU10, e40 to e27 etc.
-Certificate: CE
-MOQ: 500PCS

Anti-fire Porcelain Lamp Holders Adapter E27 to GU10,
LED Lamp holder Adapter Converter E27 To GU10 Socket Holder
Body material: anti fired
Screw shell: Aluminum, Copper, Copper plated nickel
Delivery time: 20-30 days after receipt of deposit.

Size: Medium GU10 Adapter
This handy adapter quickly and easily adapts any standard GU10 lamp to an E26 /E27 Edison screw-in base. This is a great way to use your LED lights with regular lamp sockets, and save you the trouble of replacing your original lighting fixtures.


gu10 bulb holder extension

It is light-weighted and super easy to install. You simply need to screw a GU10 base lamp in this adapter and screw the adapter to any E26 standard socket.

The material of the adapter converter is PBT and copper, it looks and feels high-quality. The material is high temperature resistant, anti-burning and anti-aging.

Package included:
E26 to Gu10 Porcelain Lamp Holder Adapter Converter.

This is E26 to Gu10 Porcelain Lamp Holder Adapter Converter, a lamp base converter of light bulb with GU10 base to adapt an E27 fitting socket, it is suitable for LED, halogen, filament or CFL light bulb. The light bulb adapter converter is easy and convenient for you to install and use for its practical and useful design, it will bring great convenience to your daily life.

Items are made of High temperature resistant ABS/Ceramic material. All items below meet European electrical regulations and have CE, UL certification.

e27 light bulb socket adapter converter

JAMES offers a variety of electrical accessories for residential use. Accessories, such as E26 to Gu10 Lamp Holder Adapter, surface outlets, and adapters are designed to safely and conveniently maximize your homes electrical efficiency. They are moisture, chemical and abuse-resistant and they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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    Date: August 05, 2016