E27 Holder Wiring Ceramic Light Bulb Sockets

e27 holder wiring

E27 holder wiring porcelain light bulb base:

E27  holder Ceramic Edison screw light bulb socket
for replacement on lamps, floor lamps and light fittings.
Includes wire connection (2 core).
For use with E27 ES light bulbs up to 300 watt.
Color : White
External Diameter : 4cm +- 5%
External Length : 5.5cm +-5%
Max Operating Temp : 200 degree C
Supply Voltage : 240V
Weight 65 g
Color: beige, white
Cable choose: silica, braided, Teflon
Available wire:0.75mm2 ; 0.5mm2

E27 porcelain lamp holders are available for Edison screw lamps. the lamps power can reach to 2000 watts, The material of a porcelain lamp holders defined its intended use, porcelain lamp holders can withstand considerably higher operating temperatures than Bakelite lamp holder, E27 Holder, E39 lamp holder is refers to the ordinary screw lamp cap size, usually E27 Holder are use incandescent lamp, E40 lamp holder is bigger than E27 porcelain lamp holders, more use for the metal halide lamp and high pressure sodium bulbs.

E27 Holder Packing Details:
Export standard carton
Carton Meas:43X36X29cm
G.W/N.W.: 26/24kg
Certification: UL, CE, VDE, RoHS.


E27 Holder Wiring Ceramic Light Bulb Sockets

JAMES offers a variety of lamp holder parts for Lamp Accessories, such
as E27 Holder Wiring Ceramic Light Bulb Sockets, surface outlets, and
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