E27 Lamp Sockets Phenolic Bakelite Base Light Socket Ring


E27 Lamp Sockets pendants

E27 Half-threaded sleeve pendants Lamp Sockets:

E27 Lamp Sockets Specification:
Rated current: 4(A)
Rated voltage: 250(V)
Material: metal + heat resistant plastic
Have CE certification.
Edison Screw 27 mm E27 Lamp Sockets.
Lamp holders dimensions are 54mm high by 56mm wide; and has an 10mm screw mounting thread.
It has a 40mm ring thread with lamp shade collar that can be removed to allow the fitting of a lamp shade.

E27 Lamp Sockets Package Included:
1 x E27 Light Bulb Lamp Holder Pendant Socket.

E27 Lamp Sockets Phenolic Bakelite Base Light Socket Ring:
Black, thermohardening resin sockets for E27 bulbs, 60 W maximum, supplied as 3 pre-screwed parts.
Copper alloy ferrule; cap with threaded M10 metal connector with stopper and anti-rotation locking screw.
Half-threaded sleeve with ferrule in insulating material.


E27 Lamp Sockets Phenolic Bakelite Base Light Socket Ring


Generally, To fix decorative pendant lighting fixtures to illuminate your space. These versatile fixtures can hang several feet from the peak of your vaulted ceiling, or you can position them as you prefer by using a swag and magnetic ballast.

Pendants are available in a variety of colors and materials from the classic crystal chandelier look, simple fabric wrapped drums, modern metal cylinders to colorful blown glass shapes.

JAMES offers a variety of electrical accessories for residential use. Accessories, such as E27 Lamp Sockets Phenolic Bakelite Base Light Socket Ring, surface outlets, and adapters are designed to safely and conveniently maximize your homes electrical efficiency.

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