Keyless Sockets Incandescent Glazed porcelain Lamp Holder


edison porcelain keyless sockets

Incandescent, Glazed Edison porcelain keyless sockets:

Glazed Keyless Sockets Incandescent Light bulb sockets
Pipe Mount Keyless
660W 250V
Single circuit screw terminal
Straight body with 1/8 IPS cap

Keyless Sockets Medium-Size Lamp Socket – Full Keyless Style, Polished & Lacquered Brass Shell, E-26, 1/8 IPS Cap, 660W-250V, w/set screw, No UNO Thread.

Part Number:    E27 Keyless Sockets
Item Weight:    0.18kg
Product Dimensions:    60*48mm
Origin:    China
Color:    white
Material:    Ceramic/Porcelain/Bakelite/Brass
Power Source:    Corded-Electric
Voltage:    110 -250 volts.


Keyless Sockets Incandescent Glazed porcelain Lamp Holder:
Twist-lock mounting; medium base
Single circuit; top wired; 660-Watt – 250-Volt rating
Installs with screws (included)
Porcelain base

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