Candelabra Socket Adapter E14 To E12 Lamp Holder


candelabra socket adapter plug

Candelabra socket adapter plug E14 To E12:

Candelabra Socket Adapter E14 To E12 Light Bulb Sockets Converter
Enlarges your Candelabra Socket Adapter to fit standard bulbs,
Works with incandescent and CFL (Energy Efficient) bulbs,
Easy to use, just twist into existing Light bulb socket,
Fits for all standard bulbs.

E12 Candelabra Socket Adapter
Material: copper/iron/aluminum
1)Porcelain lamp holder E12, lamp base
3)cheap price with good quality
4)fittings: copper, aluminum, iron or zinc alloy

E12 Candelabra Socket Adapter (US), 12mm diameter, typically found on night light bulbs, chandelier bulbs,
The metal screw itself forms one of the contacts for the circuit. If the lighting system is not correctly wired, or a lamp is plugged into a non-polarized outlet, the metal screw can become energized, presenting an electric shock hazard to anyone attempting to change the lamp.

Simple to use and allows you to keep using conventional light bulbs.
Instead of the tiny candelabra-based bulbs,
Ideal for ceiling fans or lights with candelabra sockets that need to be converted to a standard medium base
Type: E12 to E26.