led lamp holders
e12 to e26 light bulb adapter

Candelabra Bulb Adapter E12 to E26 Medium Screw Socket

  Candelabra to medium base adapter: E12 to E26 / E27 Candelabra Bulb Adapter (E12) to Medium Candelabra Bulb Adapter (E26/E27) Converter, Max Wattage 1000W,200℃ Heat Resistant, No Fire Hazard Candelabra Bulb Adapter Made of high-quality thermoplastic polymer (PBT) and copper, this Candelabra Bulb Adapter comes in a solid construction, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and anti-burning, Produces le
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e12 to e14 socket adapter converter

Candelabra Socket Adapter E14 To E12 Lamp Holder

  Candelabra socket adapter plug E14 To E12: Candelabra Socket Adapter E14 To E12 Light Bulb Sockets Converter Enlarges your Candelabra Socket Adapter to fit standard bulbs, Works with incandescent and CFL (Energy Efficient) bulbs, Easy to use, just twist into existing Light bulb socket, Fits for all standard bulbs. E12 Candelabra Socket Adapter Material: copper/iron/aluminum 1)Porcelain lamp holder E12, lamp ba
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MR16 G5.3 light bulb socket with 15cm cord

LED Bulb Sockets Halogen Socket Wire Leads Screw

  LED Light Bulb Sockets type MR16 G4 MR11 G5.3 GU10: E12 LED and E14 LED light bulb lamp holders are typical of LED chandelier and LED night lights. JAMES Light offers several types of LED candelabra LED bulbs including clear lens, frosted lens and LED torpedo lamps and LED flame light. Available in wattages that replace from 15W to 40W. E12 LED bulb lamp holder is slight smaller screw-in lamp holder than then
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LED Lamp Holders Light Bulb Socket manufacturers (China factory)

  LED Lamp Holders Light Bulb Socket manufacturers: LED lamp holders are transparent lampshades that adopt imported poly carbonate injection mold, high strength, good transparency, LED is a light emitting diode (LED) as the light source of the light-emitting body. The light-emitting diode was invented in the 1960s, in the ensuing decades, its basic use as an indicator of the tape recorders and other electronic d
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Halogen Lamp Holders

LED Bulb Holders 12 volt Halogen Light Socket

    12 volt led bulb holders ceramic socket: MR16 LED Bulb Holders Description: Wire material: silicone. Size: 17 mm Dia x 10 mm H / 150 mm Wire can lighting dimmer graphic eye halogen Round ceramic MR16 LED Bulb Holders, GU10 LED Bulb Holders, two Silicon tiers. Pair screw mount holes recessed High Temperature Resistant, definitely designed for the high temperatures encountered on halogen assemblies. MR16
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GU10 lamp holder cord wires light bulb sockets

GU10 threaded lamp holder ceramic for led bulbs:   Item: GU10 Lamp Holder Material: Ceramic Contact: Copper Rated: 250V 2A T250℃ Fixing:M3 screw Weight(Kg): 0.02 Cable choose: silica, braided, Teflon, high temperature resistant Available wire: 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1mm² Body material: Porcelain/ceramic Contact : Nickel-plated copper.   A standard GU10 lamp holder with 21cm tails. This product is suitable for u
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