Candelabra Socket 4 In 1 Lamp Holder Splitter


candelabra socket splitter

Candelabra socket splitter E27 to E14 Splitter 4 in 1 Bulb:

Candelabra Socket Description:
Base Type: E27- 4*E14
Rated Voltage: 100-240(V)
Rated Current: 6A
Shell Material: PBT
Heat-resistance Temperature: 200(℃)
Metal Material: Copper Nickel Plating + Copper Conductive Films.

E27- 4E14 Candelabra Socket splitter adapter for studio daylight bulb.
It allows 4 bulbs to be installed in one single Candelabra Socket at the same time.
If you want to upgrade your single Candelabra Socket lights, convert a single bulb light to 3 bulbs light, this is the best choice.

E14 to E27 Candelabra Socket Features:
Type: candelabra sockets,
Material: Copper conductive piece and flame-retarded PBT,
E14 to E27 candelabra sockets for LED bulbs.


Candelabra Socket

Product Description
E14 to E27 candelabra sockets specification:

Item: candelabra sockets
Material: flame retardant & metal
Maximum support: 110V-250V, 2A
Certification: CE, VDE, UL
Base: screw
Color: White
packing: 500 pcs per Carton
MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Weight: 15g
Meas: 558*280*295CM
Delivery time: 13 days.

Package includes 4 Candelabra Socket Splitter Enlarger Candelabra to Standard (medium) bulb adapter.

Energy Saving: Each converter supports a maximum power of 25W, best for LED bulbs, and achieves more brightness with less power.

SAFETY DESIGNED: Inflaming retarding PBT material and ceramic, 100% safe from electric flaming, worry free from potential danger. No Fire Hazard Allows the use of a (medium base) light bulb in a mogul base fixture,

The material is strong, the structure is stable, and the shaking is reduced to avoid damage due to shaking during use.