G13 Lamp Holders T8 Fluorescent Light Bulb Sockets



G13 Lamp Holders for T8 fluorescent lamps

G13 Lamp Holders specification:
Model: JMS-G13-LL01A-2
Quality Certification: CE/RoHS/CQC
Light source: tubular fluorescent lamps
Light source power :4-80 (W)
Heat: T110 ° C
Withstand voltage: 2A / 250 V
G13 Lamp Holders Scope: Grille, bracket lamp, three anti-light, clean lighting.




Shunted vs. Non-Shunted G13 Lamp Holders:
The difference between shunted and non-shunted tombstones is how electrical current flows through them into the fixture. In shunted sockets, current flows through multiple paths and in non-shunted sockets, through a single path. Using the wrong socket with an incompatible ballast or bulb can result in lamp failure, damage to the ballast, and void the warranties on the different components.

The type of fluorescent G13 Lamp Holders needed depends on the type of ballast used in the fixture. Fixtures with rapid start, programmed start, and dimming ballasts use non-shunted lamp holders.

Fixtures with instant start ballasts require shunted T8 Lamp Holders. If you’re planning to retrofit your fluorescent light fixtures with LED tube lights, it’s important to know if you need to switch out your fluorescent socket as well.

Generally speaking, if you’re using plug-and-play tubes, you should be able to keep your existing sockets. Direct wire LED tubes require non-shunted Fluorescent Light Bulb Sockets and bypassing the ballast.

Always double check the lamp’s spec sheet before purchase. In cases where the ballast seems to require a different lamp holder than the lamp, please defer to the needs of the lamp rather than the fluorescent ballasts.

    Date: August 03, 2016