Socket GU10 Ceramic Lamp Holder With Cord Wires



Gu10 socket leads 15cm porcelain lamp holder:

Socket GU10
Material: Ceramic
Contact: Copper
Rated: 250V 2A T250℃
Fixing: M3 screw

Max. Wattage Rating: 100W
Socket diameter: 27mm
Wire Length: 14cm
Works well with LED, CFL or halogen bulbs or connect it with normal lighting wires.
Just replace existing transformers + low voltage light bulb sockets and choose your GU10 lamps.

Socket GU10 features in 10 mm (pin center-to-center distance) 2-pin bayonet mount and operating under mains voltage rather than lower voltage.

This porcelain lamp holders is specifically designed to work with GU10 bulbs of different light source. Our product is rated up to 250V at 2A, which will satisfy your various lighting demands. With the 150mm long silicon covered cable and the pre-cut ends, these lamp holders are rather easy to fit into you existing hard wired system.

The two holes in the middle have metal contacts integrated, which are used to connect with the GU10 bulbs, the other two holes are for affixing screws. Bulb fitting and replacing are fairly easy: insert the bulb and gently twist it clockwise to lock the bulb in position.



Socket GU10 with 21cm tails. This product is suitable for use with fire rated downlights. New Regulation GU10 240v Mains Holder, Holder has Build in wire fixer to stop the holder’s wire coming out and heat cover stops the wires burning out by the heat, Holder has 200mm fly lead with Ceramic Light sockets with Protected cover backing and heat cover Fitting for standard GU10 bulb cover Fitting for standard GU10 bulb.

250V 2A Socket GU10 Ceramic Lamp Holder With Cord Wires
Works well with LED, CFL or halogen bulbs or connect it with normal lighting wires

MR16 ADAPTER Socket GU10
These are just the thing for converting low voltage MR16 fittings to mains voltage GU10/GZ10 fittings.  Converting your fittings will give you a much wider choice of LED and low energy lamps than are typically available for MR16 12V fittings.
No more worries about transformer compatibility!
No need to buy LED drivers!
No need to purchase whole new fittings!



    Date: August 05, 2016