Batten Holders

Switched Lamp Holder Brass light bulb sockets

Antique Edison Brass Switched Lamp holder:   1.Lamp holder: B22 / E27/ E26 2.Color: silver, golden, brass, bronze. 3.Switch: with or without 4.Body finished: smooth or thread with rings. 5.MOQ:50pcs per color Detail information about Lighting socket power cord: 1. The normal power cord is XLPE/PVC insulated power cable. 2. We can supply more than 50 kinds textile power cord or fabric power cord 3. Normal length
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Light Bulb Socket With Cord

E26 Light Sockets with Cord UL quality with factory price

E26 Light Sockets with Cord: Model NO: E26-F012 Type: E26 screw Electric current: 4A 660W Voltage: 250V 5KV T230 Weight (Kg): 0.06 Dimension: 4.9 x 3.8 x 3.8 Cable chooses: silica, braided, Teflon. Available wire: 0.75mm2; 0.5mm2. Body material: Porcelain/ceramic Screw shell: Aluminum plated copper, Nickel-plated copper 0.5mm thickness Contact: Nickel-plated copper 0.8mm thickness, Iron plated copper, Stain steel. #1
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ceramic es lamp holders China manufacturer

Ceramic Bulb Holder Batten Porcelain Lamp Sockets E27

  Ceramic Bulb Holder Batten Porcelain Lamp Sockets E27: Glazed Edison Screw Angled Ceramic Bulb Holder ES E27 Heat Ceramic Bulb Holder E27 JAMES Ceramic Bulb Holder accepts any lamp with an E27 screw fitting, including the James compact reptile lamps, as well as other types such as ceramic heat lamps. The ceramic material is resistant to high UV and heat levels. Mounted in a Ceramic Bulb Holder that fixes to th
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Light Bulb Holders

E10 Light Bulb Holders best lamp socket base [Price & Cost]

  E10 Light Bulb Holders with cross head screw terminals: Spring loaded contacts and white ABS or Ceramic material. Specification: Quantity: 2 Fitting: MES (E10) Fixing Centers : 23mm Small Edison screw Light Bulb Holders Small Edison screw Light Bulb Holders is made of metal and heat resistant ceramics, Suitable for Small Edison screw, E14, light bulbs up to 60W. Batten type E10 Light Bulb Holders. Diameter 10m
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Bayonet Lamp Holders China factory

Bayonet Lamp Holders B22 manufacturers (China factory)

B22 Bayonet Lamp Holders: suitable for ceramic heaters, emitters, metal halide, heat lamps, reflector lamps, spot lamps, incandescent and discharge lamps (HID). Suitable for use with high powered lamps generating high heat levels. Made to withstand the high temperatures generated by heat basking / discharge lamps. Many applications include aquariums and vivarium. B22 insert T2 (210oC) rated Solid brass ring for shade
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Lamp Light Fixture Sockets

E27 Lamp Light Fixture Sockets E26 LED Lamp Holder Factory

  Edison Screw ES E27 Lamp Light Sockets Black Rated voltage: 250(V) Material: metal + heat resistant Bakelite UL, VDE, CE certification. Edison Screw 27mm screw socket. Bakelite material for heat resistance Compatible with E27 bulbs Suitable for use in vintage or retro lighting fixtures. Lamp Light Sockets dimensions are 54mm high by 56mm wide; and has an 10mm screw mounting thread. It has a 40mm ring thread wi
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Bulb Socket With Cord with UL

Socket bulb with cord wires plug lamp holders

E26 Bulb socket with cord on/Off Switch UL Listed: Socket Bulb w/ 15 ft. Cord for Bare Vertical Hanging Grow Light Socket Bulb for to use with ballasts 15 Feet power cord Easy to use, simply plug and light! 5kv mogul base socket Will work with any ballast 12′ 15′ 19′ Socket Bulb with on/Off Switch, Single Socket Plug- In Pendant Lamp Lights Fixture – For Star & Paper Lanterns, Closets, Bed
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ceramic es lamp holders

ES Lamp Holders E27 porcelain light bulb socket factory

  Ceramic es lamp holders E26 E27 with UL SAA: Dimensions and tolerances for screw ES Lamp Holders are standardized in ANSI standard C81.67 and IEC standard 60061-1. The two standards have mostly been harmonized, although several types exist in only one of the two standards with no equivalent in the other. The designation refers to the diameter in millimeters. ES Lamp Holders are characterized by good insulation
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e12 to e14 socket adapter converter

E12 To E14 Adapter Candelabra Lamp Holder Converter factory

E12 To E14 Adapter Candelabra Lamp Holder Converter: E12 To E14 Light Socket Adapter Material: PBT E12 to E14 Adapter Converter The contacts made of copper The main body is made of flame-retardant PBT Suitable for LED / Halogen / CFL Light Bulb lamp Change your E12 base to adapt E14 screw fitting E12 To E14 Adapter Package: 1x E12 To E14 Adapter Converter in Black E14 Porcelain lamp holders’ sizes: A) ceramic t
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E12 bulb Sockets

E12 Sockets Table Base Ceramic Wall Lamp Holder

  E12 Sockets Table Base Ceramic Wall Lamp Holder: Candelabra E12 bulb Sockets: – 120 Volt. – 75 watt. – Made for use with E12 base lamps. Candelabra E12 Sockets work for any number of fixtures that use E12 Sockets. Although incandescent would-be common use, there are many places where these can be used. There are many creative ways to incorporate these into fixtures or new lighting designs. Po
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