Ceramic Bulb Holder Batten Porcelain Lamp Sockets E27


E26 E27 Ceramic Bulb Holder China manufacturer

Ceramic Bulb Holder Batten Porcelain Lamp Sockets E27:

Glazed Edison Screw Angled Ceramic Bulb Holder ES E27 Heat Ceramic Bulb Holder
E27 JAMES Ceramic Bulb Holder accepts any lamp with an E27 screw fitting, including the James compact reptile lamps, as well as other types such as ceramic heat lamps. The ceramic material is resistant to high UV and heat levels. Mounted in a Ceramic Bulb Holder that fixes to the vivarium roof or wall and which can be angled to direct the focus of the lamp.

E27 JAMES Ceramic Bulb Holder Specification:
High at elevated temperatures
High dielectric strength
Excellent electrical resistance
Abrasion resistance

Body: Porcelain
5KV Pulse Rated
600 Volt Max rated
250 Watt maximum lamp wattage
Screw shell; Aluminum alloy or bronze or copper of copper with nickel
plated by customer’s requirement specification of lead wires;
standard leads are 18AWG, 105 degrees black and white, other hot features are available by customer’s requirements.



Angled Wall Mounting Glazed Ceramic Bulb Holder ES E27 Porcelain Lamp Socket
4A 250V
High quality porcelain body
E27 Lamp Holder is 50mm high by 63mm wide (27mm Screw)
Angled Ceramic lamp holder for Edison E27 (ES) lamps.

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ceramic es lamp holders China manufacturer


E27 Edison Screw ES Socket Angled Glazed Ceramic Porcelain Lamp Holder,
Ideal for high Wattage light or heat bulbs and hot temperature locations in catering or industrial situations or in bulkhead lights, or wall mounting with light pointing down.

These are particularly suitable in applications where high temperatures may be produced, by high bulb power or by operation in a confined space such as: industrial locations, bulkheads, high power lamps as in factories/warehouses, heat lamps in catering hot food displays and for reptiles in vivarium & tortoise tables, egg incubation cabinets etc.



E26 E27 batten ceramic bulb holders are a type of lighting fixture, the sockets designed to hold a light bulb and connect it to an electrical supply. It is typically used in industrial or commercial settings where a durable and heat-resistant lighting solution is needed.

The term “batten” refers to the method of installation, where the holder is fixed to a wooden batten or a similar structure using screws. The ceramic material used in the holder is resistant to high temperatures, making it suitable for use with incandescent, halogen, or LED bulbs that generate a significant amount of heat.

The holder also includes terminals for connecting the wires from the electrical supply, usually using screw terminals or push-fit connectors.

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Batten ceramic bulb holders are commonly used in workshops, garages, and other industrial or commercial spaces where lighting is needed, and are available in a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate different bulb types and wattages.

The sockets are typically sold as a standalone component, allowing users to customize their lighting solutions by selecting the appropriate bulb and wiring.