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E26 Bulb socket with cord on/Off Switch UL Listed:

Socket Bulb w/ 15 ft. Cord for Bare Vertical Hanging Grow Light
Socket Bulb for to use with ballasts
15 Feet power cord
Easy to use, simply plug and light!
5kv mogul base socket
Will work with any ballast

12′ 15′ 19′ Socket Bulb with on/Off Switch, Single Socket Plug- In Pendant Lamp Lights Fixture – For Star & Paper Lanterns, Closets, Bedroom, Living Dorm Room – White


light cord set with switch
Each 12′ 15′ 19′ Socket Bulb is individually inspected for quality and for safety. E26 lamp holder. The Socket Bulb has an on/off switch and a standard polarized plug for US and Canadian electric systems. It comes with hanging hardware. Our Socket Bulb kits will work with most paper lanterns and nylon lanterns.  Many customers use our lantern cord kits for infinity lights.

12′ 15′ 19 Feet Extension Hanging Lantern Pendant Light Lamp Cord Cable E26/E27 Socket On/Off Switch UL Listed.


multiple light socket cord wiring


SAFETY ASSURANCE: Constructed of fire-resistant materials, 18/2 SPT-2-gauge wire, 221°F/105°C, UL listed for safety
EASY ACCESS FOR ON/OFF SWITCH: You can turn on and off easily just by just using the push-button switch on the cable.

CONVENIENT USAGE: Lightweight and easy to install the bulb without any tools. 2 ceiling hooks and 2 cord hooks for hanging are included
EXTENSION CABLE: 15 feet long satisfies for most hanging light applications; Fits standard E26/E27 Socket and on/Off toggle switch; Max Wattage: 360W, 120V-250V.


What is an E26 bulb socket with cord and how is it used?

An E26 bulb socket with cord is a device that allows users to easily install a light bulb without the need for a fixed electrical fixture. It consists of an E26 socket attached to a length of wiring, typically with a plug on the other end for easy connection to a wall outlet.

The socket can be used to install a variety of bulb types, including incandescent, LED, and fluorescent bulbs.


Can an E26 bulb socket with cord be used with a lampshade?

Yes, an E26 bulb socket with cord can be used with a lampshade.


Can an E26 bulb socket with cord be used for outdoor lighting?

An E26 bulb socket with cord can be used for outdoor lighting, but it’s important to ensure that the socket is designed for outdoor use and is properly rated for the environment.

Outdoor lighting fixtures are typically exposed to greater levels of moisture and temperature fluctuations, which can affect the performance and durability of the socket.


How can an E26 bulb socket with cord be installed?

Installing an E26 bulb socket with cord is a simple process that typically involves attaching the socket to the wiring and plugging it into a wall outlet. Some sockets may also include additional hardware or instructions for proper installation.