Light Fixture Socket 2-in-1 Splitter lamp holder Adjustable

light bulb socket extender

Light bulb socket extension E27:

Item: Light Fixture Socket extension
Material: flame retardant & metal
Maximum support: 110V-250V, 2A
Certification: CE VDE
Base: screw
Color: White
packing: 500 pcs per Carton
MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Weight: 23g
Meas: 558*280*295CM


E27 Flexible Screw Light Fixture Socket Adapter:

E27 to 2 E27 30CM Length Flexible Extension E27 Light Fixture Socket Adapter
E27 to 2 E27 Light Fixture Socket Features:
Type: Light Fixture Socket,
Material: Copper conductive piece and flame-retarded PBT,
E14 to E27 candelabra light bulb socket for LED bulbs,
Easy to use and allows you to keep using standard bulbs conveniently

Light Fixture Socket


Light Fixture Socket Specifications:
Item: Light Fixture Socket e27
Terminal block: copper, zincs
Central connect: copper, iron
Bulb circle: copper, aluminum, iron
Starting voltage to 5kV
Screw light bulb socket adapter
Color: white, beige.

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Get More Light for One Socket: 2-in-1 socket splitter design, split one socket into two, allows 2 bulbs installed to one socket for your application.

Wide Application: Fit for 100V-250V, suitable for various demands in your daily life, perfectly for landscape accent spot lighting, architectural lighting, exhibitions lighting, artwork lighting, mood lighting, etc.

Fuss-free Safety Assurance: Anti-burning PBT material, heat dissipation and reliable safety, no more worries about fires caused by overheating. 18-month warranty, satisfaction guarantee.


E27 To 3E27 Light Lamp Bulb Socket 3 Splitter Convertor


Standard Bases Available: Max wattage up to 180W, suitable for any lights with standard bases, no extra cost to replace the original socket in your room.

Simple to Install: No extra tools needed, easy and fast to install by several screws, make the installation literally a breeze, save the cost for electrician. Light Bulb Socket Adapter, Adjustable E26/E27 Lamp Holder Switch Splitter, Standard Base, Socket Adjustable, for landscape accent lighting, exhibitions lighting, artwork lighting.



What is an E27 light bulb socket extender?

An E27 light bulb socket extender is a device that is used to increase the length of a light bulb socket, allowing bulbs to be placed further away from the fixture. The device consists of a male and female socket, with a length of wiring in between.

The male socket is screwed into the existing socket and the bulb is then screwed into the female socket on the other end. The extender can be useful in situations where the original socket is too close to the fixture or where a longer bulb is required.

When selecting an E27 light bulb socket extender, it’s important to consider the length and type of wiring used, as well as the voltage and wattage requirements of the specific bulb being used.

Some extenders may also be adjustable in length, allowing for greater flexibility in placement.


Can E27 light bulb socket extenders be used with LED bulbs?

Yes, E27 light bulb socket extenders can be used with LED bulbs.

However, it’s important to ensure that the extender is compatible with the specific type of LED bulb being used, as LED bulbs can have different voltage and wattage requirements than traditional incandescent bulbs. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the wiring and connections are properly insulated to prevent any electrical hazards.


What is the max watt can be used with an E27 light bulb socket extender?

The maximum wattage that can be used with an E27 light bulb socket extender will depend on the specific extender and the type of bulb being used.

It’s important to check the specifications of both the extender and the bulb to ensure that they are compatible and that the wattage requirements are not exceeded. Using a bulb with a wattage higher than recommended can cause the bulb to overheat and potentially cause damage to the extender or the fixture.


Can E27 light bulb socket extenders be used in outdoor lighting fixtures?

E27 light bulb socket extenders can be used in outdoor lighting fixtures, but it’s important to ensure that the extender is designed for outdoor use and is properly rated for the environment.

Outdoor fixtures are typically exposed to greater levels of moisture and temperature fluctuations, which can affect the performance and durability of the extender.