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Lamp Light Fixture Sockets


Edison Screw ES E27 Lamp Light Sockets Black

Rated voltage: 250(V)
Material: metal + heat resistant Bakelite
UL, VDE, CE certification.
Edison Screw 27mm screw socket.
Bakelite material for heat resistance
Compatible with E27 bulbs
Suitable for use in vintage or retro lighting fixtures.

Lamp Light Sockets dimensions are 54mm high by 56mm wide; and has an 10mm screw mounting thread.
It has a 40mm ring thread with lamp shade collar that can be removed to allow the fitting of a lamp shade.

Lamp Light Sockets Package Included:
1 x E27 Pendant Lamp Light Sockets.

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Easy to use and allows you to keep using conventional light bulbs or compact fluorescents with This Lamp Light Sockets. This Lamp Light Sockets is easy and conveient for you to use or install. Feature compact and simple design, instead of the tiny candelabra-based bulb.

These Lamp Light Sockets shells are thick black plastic and are typically found in less expensive lighting where the sockets are hidden by the lamp body.

Bakelite Lamp Light Sockets with a cord grip so the fitting can be suspended using the supply cable. Bakelite was used in the early days of electric lighting and these lamp holders have an authentic vintage look and feel while complying with modern safety standards.



Bakelite Lamp Holders




E27 Bakelite Lamp Light Sockets specification:

high quality Italian-made Bakelite Lamp Light Socket parts – dome, screw shell and terminal block,
matching cord grip with side locking grub screw to safely secure the cable,
fit with a standard screw (E27 or ES) light bulb – compatible with the vintage filament bulbs, Eco-Filament bulbs and LED-Filament bulbs,
includes comprehensive instructions and diagrams for safe and simple wiring
requires an earth connection – must be wired with three core lighting cable.

E27 Bakelite Lamp Light Socket is a type of light socket that is designed to hold E27 bulbs and is made from Bakelite, a type of thermosetting plastic known for its heat-resistant properties. This type of socket is commonly used in vintage or retro lighting fixtures and has a distinctive appearance.



The E27 Bakelite Lamp Light Socket is a popular choice for those looking to create a vintage or retro look in their lighting fixtures. The socket is made from Bakelite, a type of thermosetting plastic that is known for its heat-resistant properties, making it suitable for use with high wattage bulbs.

The socket is compatible with E27 bulbs and is commonly used in vintage or retro lighting fixtures. It has a distinctive appearance that adds to the overall aesthetic of the fixture.