Outdoor E27 Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Lamp Holder

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E27 Outdoor light sensor sockets:

Working voltage: AC 110V OR 220V, 50/60Hz
Max load: 60W (incandescent lamp) / 20W (energy saving lamp)
Sensor spread: 360 degrees
Sensor Type: IR Infared
Suitable installation height: 2.8-3.5m
Detection range: around 5m
Timer Screw: Adjustable lighting time from 20s to 120s
Light Screw: Adjust ambient brightness, adjust how dark the room needs to be before the Outdoor Light Sockets turns on.
Sensor Screw Outdoor Light Sockets: Adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to tune how easily the light is triggered on.

The E27 sensor lamp easily converts any screw bulb socket into a fully operational sensor light simply and without the need of an electrician or custom installation, combine it with some energy saving lights and you have one optimized lighting solution.

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There are some suggestions of indoor motion sensor lights:

Conserve Electricity:
One of the major benefits of indoor motion sensor lights is that they can save you substantial amounts of electricity. Many people go throughout the house and then forget to turn the light off after they leave the room. Motion sensor lights will turn the lights off for you when you are not in the room.no need match the magnetic ballast.

When you enter a room, the light will automatically come on. You do not have to reach for the light switch and locate it in the dark.


Outdoor Light Socket Adapter E27 Infrared PIR Motion Sensor lampholders


Lack of Control:
Sometimes, you want to walk into a room and not have the light come on. When it is in the middle of the night, for example, sometimes you do not want the light to come on.

Unwanted Shutoff:
Another problem that you could potentially run into is that the light will go off when you do not want it to. For example, you might be sitting still reading a book and the motion sensor shuts the light off.


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E27 Infrared PIR Motion Sensor LED Light Lamp Bulb Holder Socket Switch 110/220V With minimal exaggeration, just about the only thing that could enhance the ambiance of our Edison Light Bulbs would be pairing them with our high-quality, JAMES Outdoor Light Sockets kits.

JAMES’ pendant light kits are designed for safety, and come with an eye-catching pearl black colored socket matched to our unique 11-foot twisted cloth cord.


E27 Infrared PIR Motion Sensor LED lamp holders


With its long cord length and in-line on/off Dimmer switch, this lamp cord kit is the ideal vintage solution for hanging attractive antique bulbs during Wedding receptions or for use in home decor, restaurant spaces, dinner parties, backyard patios, or other social events. Socket has its own on/off switch.

Since we use a standard type “An” Outdoor Light Sockets, you are free to use a conventional 40W incandescent bulb or equivalent CFL and LED bulbs.