12' 15' 19' Hanging Lantern Bulb Socket
multiple light socket cord wiring

12′ 15′ 19′ Hanging Bulb Socket with Cord with UL

12′ 15′ 19′ Hanging Lantern Bulb Socket With Cord Plug: US 2 pin power plug Lamp Holder: E27 Switch: 303 / 304 / on-off / Dimmer /Rotary Switch Cable: SPT-2 18AWG/16AWG;NISPT-2 18AWG/16AWG Material: Pure cooper Jacket: PVC Cable Length: 1m/3m/5m Color: White Product Color: White /Black Parameters: Max wattage 200W Rated current: 3A Rated voltage: 0-250V Material: Metal & heat resistant PBT Plast
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Light Bulb Socket With Cord

Light Bulb Socket With Cord Lamp Holder [Price & Cost]

This E26 standard medium Light Bulb Socket With Cord to 2-prong US AC power cord allows you to install a light bulb anywhere an electrical power outlet is located. Fits E26 Standard Medium Light Bulb Socket With Cord Bulbs. Each 12′ 15′ 19′ hanging Light Bulb Socket With Cord is individually inspected for quality and for safety. E26 Light Bulb Socket With Cord. The hanging Light Bulb lamp cord has a
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