E26 To E12 Adapter Heat Resistant No Fire Hazard Converter


e12 to e26 adapter ul listed

E26 To E12 Lamp Holder Adapter UL Listed:

Medium Screw E26 socket to Candelabra Screw E12 bulb Socket Reducer Adapter Converter
Type: E27/E26 to E12
Voltage: max. 250V
Wattage: max. 1000W
Current: 10A
Heat resistance temperature:86℃
Material: PBT+copper

E26 To E12 Adapter Feature:
Easy to use: It is screw-in adapters. No need tools to install, just screwing into existing socket, looks like a part of the socket and at the same time increases the length by 1.5 to 2.5 inches depending on depth of the bass you are screwing into.
This adapter is UL listed . Made from fire retardant PBT material, heat resistant, no fire hazard.

This adapter can be used to transforms your standard (E26 / E27) medium size bulb to fit in any E12 fixture. It fits any E12 to the standard medium bulb and enables almost all candelabra screw converter to work with the output.

Screw in the e12 base type bulb, and then you get a e26 one. This allows you to choose more led lights to adapt to your fixture or base, rather than replace you fixtures with a new one.

Dimension: 2. 6cm (diameter) x 3. 2cm (length) package includes: E26 To E12 Adapter – convert e26  bulb socket to e12 bulb socket- durable, heatless and long-lasting- easy to install, plug and play- enlarges your chandelier socket to fit standard bulbs- 100% satisfaction guarantee!

E26 To E12 Adapter Heat Resistant No Fire Hazard Converter

Finding trouble trying to fit your E12 LED light bulbs into E26 sockets? Don’t worry about it. This handy adapter quickly and easily adapts any standard E26 To E12 Adapter.

Simply screw an E12 base lamp in this adapter, then screw the adapter to any E26 standard socket, and you are good to go! This gadget will save you a lot of trouble and money of replacing your original lighting fixtures.

Made of high-quality thermoplastic polymer (PBT) and copper, this adapter comes in a solid construction, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and anti-burning.

The E26 To E12 Adapter can be applied with multiple voltages, 12V, 110V-120V, and 220V-240V. It is compatible with LED, halogen, filament and CFL light bulbs.

Size: 28(Dia.) mm* 26(H) mm.