E12 To E26 Adapter Candelabra Screw Lamp Holder Converter



e12 to e26 light bulb adapter

E12 to e26 light bulb adapter:

Candelabra Screw E12 Light Socket to Medium Base E26 E27 Converter White

E12 Candelabra To E26  Medium Base Light Bulb Adapter Conversion Socket

standard base(E26) bulb in a candelabra socket(E12)
Easy to use
Suitable for all voltage
Material: Metal, Plastic
Type: E12 to E26
Color: white
Size: approx. 58x39mm

E26 Lamp base Medium Socket , es lamp holder
E26 Lamp base dimensions is 45mm high by 40mm wide (26mm screw)
E26 Lamp base specifications are 45mm high by 40mm wide (26mm screw)
E12 To E26 Adapter:
Nickel plated copper alloy screw shell
Medium base E26 socket – fits standard incandescent bulb bases.

Candelabra To Standard Adapter E12 to E26 Diagram

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The diode comes in the form of a computer chip on a circuit board. The properties of the diode cause it to generate light when an electric current passes through it.

Depending on the chip and materials used, different colors in the color spectrum can be created. Prior to the technological revolution of the 90s and the rapid advancement of the microchip, the LED was used only in small-scale applications such as indicator lights.

The same advancements that spurred the computer to reach dizzying levels of efficiency have also done the same for the LED. Just as computers have become faster and cheaper, LED lights have become brighter, smaller, less expensive, and more sophisticated.

E12 To E26  Light Bulb Socket Adapter Candelabra:

Screw Lamp Holder Converter E12 Light Socket to Medium Base
E26 E27 Light Socket Adapter White

PBT fireproof material:
MAX WATTAGE: The max wattage of this adapter is up to 150W, meet your need of different lighting effect. Fits for all voltages and standard E26 base halogen, LED, CFL bulbs, incandescent.

LED lamp-holder-adapter-type


PBT FIREPROOF MATERIAL: Made of high-quality thermoplastic polymer (PBT) and copper, this adapter comes in a solid construction, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and anti-burning, safe from electric flaming. No fire hazard.

E12 TO E26: Easy to transform any screw-in E12 To E26 Candelabra Lamp Holder Converter. Ideal for ceiling fans or lights with candelabra sockets that need to be converted to a standard medium base.

WIDE APPLICATION: Ideal for a full house lighting. For garage, bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, conference room, office, workshops and exhibitions, etc.