What Size is a Mogul Socket?

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When discussing light fixtures, the small components often make the most significant difference. The light socket, that often-overlooked part, plays a pivotal role. Specifically, what about the mogul socket, a term many might have come across? A mogul socket, designed for large bulbs, typically has a diameter of around 39mm, making it suitable for commercial and industrial applications. This distinct size allows for high-wattage bulbs to be used, providing robust illumination where needed.

What are the Origins of the Mogul Socket?

When we immerse ourselves in history, we often discover fascinating origins. The mogul socket is no different. Its name is derived from the Moghul Empire, hinting at its majestic size.

E39 4KV porcelain light socket ceramic lamp holder UL

But what does history have to do with lighting? Well, knowing the origins provides context, making us appreciate the design and purpose of this socket even more. At James Lighting, understanding the past helps us refine our products for the future.

How Does the Mogul Socket Compare to Others?

In the vast landscape of sockets, where does the mogul stand? Its size, as mentioned, is around 39mm in diameter, making it larger than the standard medium or Edison socket.

E39 F547A-7 porcelain lamp holder

While the medium socket, known as E26 in the US, measures approximately 26mm, the mogul’s more substantial size is specifically crafted for larger bulbs and higher wattages. Being in the industry, I’ve seen the crucial role the right socket plays in achieving optimal lighting.

What Applications Suit the Mogul Socket Best?

Given its size and design, the mogul socket excels in areas demanding robust illumination. Picture large warehouses, auditoriums, or outdoor lighting fixtures; these are the mogul’s playground.

With its ability to accommodate high-wattage bulbs, the mogul socket is a favorite in commercial and industrial settings. At James Lighting, our mogul sockets have lit up countless venues, ensuring spaces are well-lit and safe.

Can I Use Other Bulbs with the Mogul Socket?

It’s a valid question many ask. While the mogul socket is designed for specific bulbs, with the use of adapters, there’s a realm of possibilities.

E39 F547-8 porcelain lamp holder

Adapters allow for flexibility. They let you use medium base bulbs in mogul sockets or vice versa. It’s all about ensuring you have the right adapter. And trust me, at James Lighting, we’ve got a solution for every lighting conundrum.

Are There Different Types of Mogul Sockets?

Dive deeper into the world of mogul sockets, and you’ll discover variations. While the standard mogul socket is prevalent, there are also 3-way mogul sockets that can accommodate bulbs with three different light levels.

E39 Mogul Sockets China manufacturer

This diversity ensures that regardless of the need, there’s likely a mogul socket that fits the bill. It’s always fascinating for me to see how such minute variations can have a significant impact on lighting.

Why Choose a Mogul Socket?

With so many socket options, why opt for a mogul? Its design for larger, high-wattage bulbs makes it a natural choice for spaces that require powerful illumination.

Moreover, its robust construction ensures longevity, especially in demanding environments. At James Lighting, our dedication to quality means our mogul sockets are built to last, ensuring our clients get value for their investment.

How Do I Install or Replace a Mogul Socket?

Handling electrical fixtures requires care. When dealing with a mogul socket, it’s crucial to ensure the power is off before starting. Then, with the right tools, the process is relatively straightforward.

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For those not familiar with electrical installations, it’s always a good idea to consult or hire a professional. Safety should always come first. And if you’re ever in doubt about the sockets you need, reach out to us at James Lighting. We’re here to illuminate your path.


The mogul socket, with its distinct size and applications, stands as a testament to the importance of details in the world of lighting. Whether you’re lighting up a vast warehouse or seeking powerful outdoor illumination, this socket could be your answer. As you navigate the intricate nuances of lighting, always remember: the foundation, the socket, plays a pivotal role. For expert guidance and quality products, James Lighting is at your service.

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