What is an E27 Lamp Holder?

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In the lighting domain, precision is paramount. The difference of just a millimeter can completely change a product’s compatibility and functionality. The E27 lamp holder, a successor to the E26, offers just that – a single millimeter’s difference in diameter but a world of distinction in compatibility. Every nuance in lighting matters, especially when it comes to ensuring seamless functionality.

Why the name “E27”?

Much like its predecessor, the E26, the “E” in E27 stands for Edison, indicative of its screw base design. The “27” is a reference to its diameter, which is 27mm. This differentiation, though subtle, is vital as it ensures compatibility with specific bulbs designed for this size.

E27 ceramic lamp holder with bracket

How does an E27 lamp holder function?

Its primary role, like most lamp holders, is to provide a secure connection for the bulb. It ensures that the bulb is held firmly, allowing for an uninterrupted power supply. For me, the beauty of the E27 lamp holder lies in its simplicity and efficiency, ensuring that the bulb shines brightly without glitches.

James Lighting’s E27: How do we stand out?

With an array of manufacturers in the market, standing out is no small feat. At James Lighting, our commitment to excellence sets us apart. Our E27 lamp holders are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring both longevity and unparalleled performance.

E27 ceramic lamp holder sockets

Delving into the Materials: What makes up our E27 lamp holder?

Material selection plays a pivotal role in a product’s performance. We, at James Lighting, have opted for the finest materials – primarily high-grade ceramics and metals. These materials not only guarantee durability but also ensure the safe operation of the bulb, safeguarding against potential hazards.


The versatility of the E27 lamp holder: Where is it used?

The E27 lamp holder’s versatility makes it a popular choice across various lighting applications. From elegant pendant lights to utilitarian desk lamps, its presence is ubiquitous. Our E27 holders at James Lighting are adaptable, designed to fit effortlessly into any lighting ambiance you envision.

E27 F519 porcelain lamp holder structure

Do variations exist within E27 lamp holders?

Indeed, even within the realm of E27 lamp holders, variations abound. These variations cater to different bulb types, wattages, and design aesthetics. Though the core functionality remains consistent, the design can vary to meet specific requirements, ensuring that every lighting need is addressed.

Prolonging the lifespan: How to maintain your E27 lamp holder?

Care is synonymous with longevity. While our E27 lamp holders are engineered for durability, periodic maintenance is beneficial. Routine checks for wear and matching bulb wattage with the holder’s specifications can significantly enhance its operational lifespan, ensuring brighter days and cozier nights for longer.

Edison Screw Lamp Holders E27 OEM factory


The E27 lamp holder, though a seemingly modest component, plays a pivotal role in the world of lighting. At James Lighting, our dedication extends beyond mere product manufacturing; it’s about illuminating lives with quality, integrity, and innovation. Light isn’t just about brightness; it’s about bringing clarity, and that’s precisely what we aim for.

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